According to Bureau of Labor Statistics’ projection, total employment will increase by 13% between now and 2014. Fresh graduates and young professionals are hunting for jobs. Some job seekers tend to think of costly, part time, and low wages when hearing the words “staffing firm” and they do wish to find jobs which are in the list of low paid categories. Certainly, some occupations promise high salary and remuneration package. Chief executives’ salary grew fast in 2009, 41 percent while that of general and operations managers grew 51 percent. However, they are not all the most prestigious jobs. There will demand for 703,000 registered nurses by 2014. Although nurses are not as well-paid as chief executive officers, their salaries are growing fast. This category’s 2009 salary is $ 63,750 and its gain in pay from 2000 to 2009 is 42 percent. 2009 salary of computer and information systems managers is $ 113,720, increasing 44 percent from 2000 to 2009. Salary of sales managers, auditors and accountants, and pharmacy technicians gained 41%, 39%, and 36% respectively. The following are detailed description of occupations with greatest gains.


Registered nurses are responsible for implementing the practice of nursing through the use of nursing process and health care professionals. Their possible works are to promote health, assist physicians during surgeries, help patients deal with illness, provide direct patient care including observing, assessing, and recording symptoms, reactions, and progress in patients.


Registered Nurses


A chief executive officer is responsible for total management of an organization.


General and operations mangers are mainly responsible for formulating policies, planning the use of materials and human resources, managing daily operations.


Computer and information systems managers are mainly engaged in directing and managing various computer-related activities of businesses. They set up business plans, assign projects to staff members, direct the flow of work, and oversee Internet and computer operations.


Computer and Information Systems Managers


Sales managers organize, motivate, and lead sales teams in a variety of sectors.


Accountants keep records accurately and pay taxes properly and on time. Auditors and accountants help to ensure that businesses are run efficiently.


Pharmacy technicians’ duties are to give medication to patients and work with doctors’ offices in resolving adjudication of patients’ insurance.



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