Three weeks after Election Day a seesaw battle between the Democrats, Kamala Devi Harris and Republican Steve Cooley’s office by the Attorney General of California, ended Nov. 24, when Cooley gave the race could be the most important elections in the history of the state of this state.

Los Angeles Times reported that the number of votes not counted result in a decrease of Harris’ more than 50,000 votes, Cooley, the Los Angeles County District Attorney had called Harris, District Attorney of San Francisco to congratulate him and to grant victory .

Although Cooley has admitted the victory, Harris held off claiming victory until the next week, when his campaign is scheduled press conference and a victory celebration to send letters to his supporters, simply saying “Join Kamala Harris and the Special Notice, 30 November at Delancy Street Foundation in San Francisco. “

When Harris, 45, declares victory next week, became the first female African-American and the first Native American to hold this position in the history of California and the nation, respectively. She will succeed Attorney General Jerry Brown, former Oakland mayor and California governor, who made another run for governor this year and won again and the Harris victory gives the Democrats a clean sweep capturing all charges popularly elected statewide in California.

Winner of numerous awards, was recognized as a “girl power” by the National Urban League and was awarded the Thurgood Marshall of the National Association of Black Attorneys. Last year was also presented by the New York Times on a list of 17 women more likely to become the first woman president.

Harris was presented to Oprah Show and in Newsweek as one of “America’s 20 most powerful women, and during the Democratic National Convention Committee was part political platform powerful and ready to serve over several years DNC influential committee.

After the election closed on November 2, according to figures released by Secretary of State’s office, Haris was 4203, 346 votes against 4,172,616 votes Cooley, or 46 percent to 45.6 percent.

But with more than two million ballots still to be counted statewide absentee/vote-by-mail and provisional ballots – each page every two days claimed to have won.On the night of Election Day on Nov. 2 Cooley, jumped out to early lead and declared a profit, and scheduled a press conference the next day.

But when the voices continue to be a number of other provinces, with the exception of heavily Republican counties, Cooley’s campaign announced in a press conference was canceled to obtain more accurate results than was expected. But the next morning, the Harris campaign announced that they had before, but this advantage was short-lived, and the confidence of voters see sawing back and forth narrative and becomes the next few days. 17.

Harris campaign in November announced that it has driven more than 30,000 votes Cooley in the State, while recognizing that the number would almost certainly change in the coming days in several counties indicate whether the Harris campaign spokesman Ace Smith said: “We believe that when all votes were counted, Kamala Harris is the next attorney general of California. ” Kamala’s victory is a tribute to his leadership and perseverance, and a source of inspiration for our entire community, “he said.

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