Running a successful youth ministry doesn’t have to be a confusing or difficult task. If you plan ahead and map out your goals for the near term and for the distant future you will find that challenges that seem to be overwhelming turn into simple tasks that can be easily overcome. Keeping things simple requires some planning but it will turn your youth ministry into an efficient and well-oiled machine whose main purpose is to lead your students to a meaningful and deep relationship with Jesus Christ.
Keeping things simple starts with planning well in advance. This goes for all aspects of your youth ministry including your Bible lessons, outreach programs, and group meetings. When you are planning your Bible lessons for a period of time you should look to organize them in chunks of three to four weeks’ worth of material. When you have a month’s worth of material ready to go and be presented to your youth ministry you can connect the lessons and the messages you are trying to deliver to your youth ministry students into a well-rounded exciting lesson plan.
Keeping things simple during a youth ministry group meeting is also extremely important. Have a few goals predetermined before you start your meeting that you want to accomplish before the meeting comes to an end. If you have a handful of goals before you start any get together with your youth ministry, you will have a map and a plan that will guide you through the meeting. Planning ahead of time not only keeps you organized but it also helps to keep the flow of a lesson or a meeting going because you are trying to accomplish certain tasks and goals that you have planned ahead of time.
To keep things simple during a group discussion with your youth ministry at a predetermined set of questions that you want your youth group to cover during the conversation. By planning out the questions ahead of time you have a roadmap that will guide you and your youth ministry during the group discussion. Make sure that the questions are interesting and on-topic. Make sure that the questions also can be answered in various ways so that interesting and engaging debate can break out between your students. To keep things simple you don’t need a large number of questions just a few powerful and interesting questions that relate to the topics that you are covering with your youth group.
To keep things simple during an outreach program with your youth ministry make sure to delegate tasks to the members of your youth group. By delegating tasks to everybody you are making sure that everybody has equal participation and everybody is carrying their weight. On top of getting everybody involved, delegating tasks also makes things much simpler for you as you are able to spend time organizing and doing the work that you need to do to ready your youth ministry for any outreach program that you do.
Keeping things simple to use ministry will be one of the easiest ways that you can build a thriving and successful youth ministry. The more complicated things are the more there are chances for things to go wrong and off-track. So put the time and to plan ahead and keep things simple for yourself and also for your youth group students.

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