In the cold winter months is common. This is due to changing weather and frequent stay in closed rooms with more people. Small children are more susceptible to colds because they have created sufficient immunity against such a large number of viruses.

Typical symptoms of colds:

• Burning and sore throat
• Stuffy nose, runny nose later
• Headache
• Total fatigue
• Fever, chills

The basic measures in the cold:

• Patient should have sufficient bed rest
• Regular drinking regime
• Light diet rich in vitamins and minerals
• Room where the patient is located, several times a day really

Reducing fever:

Fever is primarily trying to reduce the alternative that is, sipping tea from elder flower and lime in a 1:1 ratio. A cold pack, a first leg, with high fever, then the whole body. Fever is the defensive reactions of the organism, so that he fights germs. If the high temperature will immediately begin to reduce chemical drugs, we do not give the body a chance, which is not good.

Blocked nose will help to release inhalation:

In a bowl with hot (not boiling!) Water instill 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop of essential oil and tympánové to add another 2 tablespoons of sea salt (preferably from the Dead Sea). The child’s head and cover with a towel and hold it about 25cm from a bowl to catch the rising steam. We are trying to canonize him to inhale through the nose. Do not leave child unattended!

The organism can help us odhleneni cavil Kasich:

We need: 1 teaspoon jitrocelovych leaves, 1 teaspoon mullein flowers, half a teaspoon of crushed liquorices root (we used flower mallow or coltsfoot)

To: All these herbs, pour one pint of boiling water and let steep fifteen minutes. Then drain and sip during the day after duskish. This tea is suitable for small children, but should not be drinking more than ten days. For children, use the following dilutions:

• To 2 years – 1 teaspoon of tea has finished dilute with clean water 2 dl
• 3 to 5 years – 2 teaspoons already finished tea, dilute with clean water 2 dl
• Then you do not have to be diluted.

Are a big help in vitamins:

Vitamin C , A, E , B group and other valuable substances in their natural form contains a sufficient amount of sea buckthorn . It is available in the form of tea, juice or syrup. The cold front we recommend 2 x teaspoon juice or syrup. At the time of convalescence after illness has just 1 day 1 teaspoon every other day.

Colds very easier aromatherapy:

The plates in aromalampy Pour 2 tablespoons water and add to it a drop of eucalyptus, a drop of tea tree and 1 drop of lavender essential oil. Then light up a candle and let the scent a room where the patient is small. Proceed in this way 2 times a day. Attention to quality essential oils must be stated on the label that is 100% natural, others will never buy the products because they contain synthetic ingredients (such as 95%).

It is based on prevention:

Even in young children is good to strengthen immunity. For children aged six months to four years is an excellent homeopathic Silica, we use regularly for four months.

Another way, especially in older children (5 years) as the purple coneflower – Echinacea. It is suitable in the form of tea or weak tincture. Proved to me in combination with beta-gleans, which are healing substances from mushrooms – oyster mushroom, SI-Also, Judas’ ear mushroom. These funds would be used continuously for four months.

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