Leadership skills remain the most important skills in career development. Research has shown that learning leadership skills is particularly helpful for career planning especially now than organizations, firms and companies are promoting people into positions that require more responsibilities. Since companies no longer seek employees who are looking forward to learning on the job, it has become important for individuals to develop leadership skills earlier in order to have successful careers.

One major role played by such skills in career development is that they help reduce complacency. Research has shown that if managers and heads of department are placed in jobs without advancing their skill, they tend to become complacent in their work environments. This leads to sub standard use of the skills that they already possess.

Leadership skills are important in career development as they help create responsiveness to varying circumstances at the work place. This is because the skills equip employees with various mechanisms of responding to challenges that may arise in the course of their careers.

It is true that managers including section leaders, deputy and assistant managers together with managers are accountable for the output of their employees or those under their supervision. This is where these skills come in handy be equipping them with skills to enable them know how to allocate work, assess the employees, coach those under their care and also offer counseling whenever necessary.

Leadership skills help leaders to influence other employees or people under their care. This leads to more adequate process improvement skills that can be learned through programs such as Leadership- Core Advanced programs.

The other role played by leadership skills is that they help managers and other leaders understand external operating conditions in their departments.

They also help in improvement of the business process in an organization, firm or company.

Leadership skills help managers understand business models through a variety of business processes. In addition, they help leaders understand the impact of external market forces and the effect of branding communications that are crucial in businesses and careers. The skills are also essential in ensuing that the standards of work in work places are upheld or even improved on a daily basis.

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