join us while we learn and play the best abc game , sequence letters. match the letter to the picture.

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***** Learning with Violette Verse
is a segement where we learn new things and safety tips. we go from the alphabet, numbers to everyday things you should know. Who better than a smart 4 yr old to help you learn. Join us in this learning adventure every Monday.
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well its all in the title. We do DIY projects, we color, do puzzles and any crafty ideas we can make true. Lets get glittery and colorful together. Joins us for a craft every Tuesday.

with us every Wednesday, we see our favorite toys act out and have fun. you never know if they will be partying or fighting crime. or if our best host will be in there too….

****Dress up get Down
is our segment where Violette dresses up as different characters and gets down to the latest hits … come dance along with us and send us your best dance moves to our Facebook page and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share .We encourage kids to dance to stay active and healthy but have fun. Videos every thursday

*****Games Night Every Friday
is the segment where we play board games. could be fun and competitive. Who do you think will win? let us know in the comments and would you play this game?

*****violette verse toy reviews
cuz who doesn’t luv cute kids opening the hottest toys on the market or finding out what toys are coming soon. violette opening the newest hottest toys and being super amazing while she does it. this lil princess knows how to do it and do it with style. make sure to comment below and let us know about any toys you would like to see violette play with or review .which would you like to see her get next like, subscribe and share …sharing is caring ……

giveaways to come…..give away coming soon 1000 subscribers and we will have our first giveaway ….what will it be stay tuned ……

*****Tiny Films is the segment on Sundays were Violette gets to put on a show for you and act out funny and awesome scenes. Also let us know of any Tiny film you ant to see Violette act out

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