Sometimes it is tempting for employees to stay at work late playing catch up.  In today’s economy, many employers are downsizing.  This often means the remaining employees have to assume additional collateral duties and are expected to do more with fewer resources. 

Below are some tips to assist those employees who are assuming these “other duties as assigned,” with leaving the office on time.

Have a planEmployees should have a plan for each day, week and month.  To stay productive it is essential for employees to have a sense of direction.  Employees should ask themselves, “What do I need to accomplish today?”  It may be necessary to refer to this plan periodically throughout the day.  Adjustments may have to be made as priorities shift. This plan is similar to an overall balance plan.

Delegate.  Employees should know who their resources are and use them wisely.  Effective delegation accomplishes two things.  First, it will assist the person delegating the duties in effectively managing their time.  And secondly, delegation can be a development tool for the employee that is assuming the delegated duties.  It is important to remember to give concise directions and expectations when delegating.

Be honest with management.  An employee should be honest with management if they feel the additional duties are out of sync with their current workload.  There is nothing wrong with an employee asking their supervisor to clarify which assignment is a priority.  Once this is done, the employee can make adjustments and update their daily plan.

Set limits on technology.  Today’s technological advances make employees more accessible than ever.  Smart phones allow employees to check email, review and respond to entire documents, schedule appointments and keep up with office events without actually being present.  It is important that employees establish clear boundaries regarding their accessibility.

Leave on time.  Productive employees should make it a habit to leave the office when scheduled.  Employees should try to limit their after hours office time to those occasions when it is already planned or if there is an emergency. 

Adopting these strategies can assist an employee in leaving when scheduled.  It is important for employees to remember that they still have their personal lives and family obligations.

Leaving the office on time is one way to start creating a balanced life

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