Real estate properties are so valuable these days that most people are unable to sell even if they badly need money. And because these properties are so costly, many people are holding off from buying. There’s no wonder why rentals in Ohio are truly on the rise. Along with this, legal forms for landlords in Ohio are also becoming more and more in demand. Good thing, they are now widely available online.

Downloadable Legal Forms for Landlords in Ohio

Landlords in Ohio nowadays no longer need to pay for the assistance of an attorney or legal professional just to secure legal forms. There are many sites in the internet today that offer both paid and free downloadable legal forms that are designed specifically for the laws of the state of Ohio. Such websites offer not just legal forms but also legal information and resources for people who needs to make their own legal papers. So whether you are leasing a residential or a commercial unit, you can always download the landlord and tenant form you need.

Here’s a list of the lease forms that Ohio landlords may download from the web:

• Residential Landlord Tenant Legal Forms Package

Such package usually includes forms such as Lease Application, state specific lease, Pre and Post Inventory Checklist, Lead Paint Disclosure and many other forms necessary when leasing a residential property.

• Lease Forms for Residential Supplemental Package

If you are an Ohio landlord and you already have form for lease agreement, this package is for you. It contains all the forms included in the above package.

• Lease Application

Such form is filled-out by tenants for the landlord to evaluate. Disclosure forms and authorization for release of information are also included.

• Pre and Post Lease Inventory and Inspection Report

This form contains an inventory and condition of leased premises before and after the lease period.

• Period to Period Residential Leases

It is a residential lease form covering a specific term such as two years or six months. It contains many provisions and you can modify some of them according to the agreement between you and your tenant.

• Month to Month Residential Leases

This residential lease form covers month to month lease. It also includes provisions that you can modify depending on the terms you and your tenant agreed. You may use this form as a guide only and have it modified according to your needs.

• Forms for Lease Termination (Residential and Commercial)

Designed to be very State-specific, such forms include the number of days tenants should vacate the property, correct the default and other necessary provisions. Termination forms for residential properties are different from commercial ones so make sure you download the appropriate form.

• Forms for Lease Closing Statement

This is the document where the landlord notes down the tenant’s deposits and credits.

• Commercial Lease

This is used if you are leasing a commercial space in Ohio. This lease form is very detailed but can also be modified to cater your needs.

• Lead Paint Disclosure

This is required by tint Disclosure. This is required by the Federal Law for residential properties built prior to 1978. It is presented to the buyer in a sale transaction.

• Notice of Lease for Recording (Residential or Commercial)

This form is used if you want your house or commercial space listed to the official records. Through this, people will know that a parcel of a real estate property is being leased.

• Temporary Leases

This form is used when the seller allows the buyer to take possession of the property before the closing of the contract of sale.

With these downloadable forms, it would be way easy for tenants like you to get whatever you need when leasing a residential or a commercial property. However, you should be extra careful as these forms may contain only general format and content for a particular legal document.

Remember that the requirements to make those papers valid and enforceable vary from state to state. So make sure to download legal forms for landlords in Ohio

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