Legal professionals and law firms can get error-free and updated legal documents with legal transcription services. Legal transcription outsourcing is no longer merely an option for law firms and legal professionals. There is so much data in audio format which they deal with every day which form the building blocks of their success. The data is vital, but it needs to be in a format that is conducive for future storage and use. The data needs to be transcribed.

Why Legal Professionals Need to Outsource

Law firms could take care of this in-house. The issue is that it is quite an extensive responsibility and causes significant strain on resources and costs. There needs to be the infrastructure in place and also the expertise. You’ve got to hire staff and staff needs salaries and benefits. That’s a huge chunk of resources that goes off the income of law firms and legal professionals.

If lawyers and attorneys take care of transcription themselves they would be straining themselves excessively and compromising the efficiency of both their core processes and the transcription chores. With legal transcription services offering error-free transcription, there is no reason why law firms should overburden themselves.

Audio Formats Accommodated

The audio formats which an experienced legal transcription company can transcribe generally include:

•  MP3
•  MP4
•  AIF
•  WMV
•  WMA
•  DSS    

These are the formats in which the various kinds of legal data come in. This data could include court transcripts, court proceedings, law office recordings, legal letters, client letters, trials, briefs, wire tap, verbatim, court rulings, sentences, interrogations, summons, subpoenas and vital information passed through communication modes such as conference calls and telephone conversations. These bits of data in audio format can generally be transcribed into the following text formats:

•  DOC
•  TXT
•  PDF
•  XLS
•  RTF

Advantages of a Reliable Transcription Company

The people hired by a legal transcription company consist of highly trained transcribers and experienced editors who are specialized in various fields of law including criminal law, real estate, intellectual property, corporate law, personal injury, and other branches. Overall, there are many advantages of legal transcription outsourcing. 

•  The accuracy levels of the transcription are 99% if audio quality is good
•  There are 3 levels of quality checks conducted
•  The efficient document flow management system makes file access easy
•  There are transcription server interface and EMR interface offered
•  There are full work flow modules provided
•  Customer service is offered 24/7

So get error-free and updated legal documents with legal transcription services and improve your performance at lesser resources.


MOS Legal Transcription Service is a leading legal transcription company, delivering customer focused legal transcription services in compliance with security and confidentiality standards.

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