10 23, the second term Li Ning “3 +1” school basketball tournament, Xi’an, Xi’an Jiaotong University decided at game winner. Since the start since Sept. 24, after three weeks of accumulated hundreds of field Select Race, over a hundred teams from more than 500 branch apply in the past to stand out, the city finals. Finally, from the Xi’an Institute of random beat the COMEON from Xi’an Jiaotong University, team, won the tournament in Xi’an city, “Crown”, and get tickets for the National Finals, held in Shanghai by the end of November to participate in the National Finals .

Final scene is carried out before the first performance, along with the world’s best music, fancy basketball stage performances, the audience bursts caused Field cheering, suddenly heating up the atmosphere. The city after the final, it is one climax after another, Xi’an Institute of random forces and Xi’an Jiaotong University COMEON team in three pairs of three Team War, against the two sides with outstanding physical, fierce physical confrontation, so the score had been bitten very tight. In the end, free from the Xi’an Institute of Physical Education’s team of 18 to 12, beating the COMEON from Xi’an Jiaotong University, team, and contributed to the audience a good game. After the game, all the enthusiasm in the request, the two team members also conducted a dunk impromptu performances, the audience captivated.

Xi’an Institute of Physical Education on behalf of the random team race by the end of November in Xi’an Shanghai Li Ning at the “3 +1” Campus Basketball Challenge National Finals, will be the national champion Li Ning Organization Fantasy basketball trip to the United States to participate in, not long ago, Li Ning Company Organization last school basketball tournament championship team that went to Spain, visiting team’s training base in Spain and the Spanish national team went to watch the last before Euro training .

Li Ning, the last “3 +1” School Basketball Challenge champions Guo Yifan, said: “This experience will be a valuable asset in my life, I even love to play basketball” Li Ning

this “3 +1” campus basketball tournament, continued to follow the “3 +1” game the system, so that students participating in the 8 minutes of the team fought side by side, with the tacit understanding, after a two-minute opportunity for one to one singled out , to the players the opportunity to fully display their individual skills to stimulate critical moment of the superior performance of the players, as the court of “King.” “3 +1” competition system is full of unknown variables, field players in an instant secure victory a lock. The game system not only demonstrates the player’s personality, show unique charm basketball, frequent unexpected outcome to a more interesting game, as the audience is looking forward to the arrival time of one to one singled out. Li Ning company has said, “3 +1” game the system to the general promotion of young people, “stimulate the potential beyond the self” of the campaign concept.

In Li Ning “3 +1” Campus Challenge basketball tournament the city scene, the audience can not only enjoy the wonderful game of basketball, you can also take part in the Li Ning “3 +1” School District Basketball Challenge activities carried out by pitching their wares and Commander, one-third of Hurricane Challenge , dunk basketball star training ground challenge activities such as TOPGUN, so that young people who loved playing basketball, watching while the fierce competition, as a “stage” to show themselves and experience the basketball passion and pleasure brought. In the TOPGUN outstanding basketball star challenge activities, have a chance to Jiarulining TOPGUN basketball team, on behalf of Li Ning Brand To participate in related publicity. Li Ning

this “3 +1” points qualifying school basketball tournament, city tournament, the finals of three links, as a large Student Super League campaign on campus, the event organized since 2003 by students at the school warmly welcomed at each event are hundreds of thousands of colleges and universities teams. In the coming days, the tournament will be fought in Chengdu, Xi’an and other cities by the end of November, 12 Shanghai city champions will play together, participate in Li Ning “3 +1” National Challenge school basketball finals. NBA Caravan JAMVAN will once again come to the scene, as Li Ning, “3 +1” campus cheered Basketball Challenge.

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