Demand for licensed practical nurses are growing on an upward trend as physicians and registered nurses struggle to keep up with the needs of those entrusted to their care.  It is therefore a veritable career to look into as there are vast possibilities for growth and advancement.  The job involves the fundamentals of daily patient care in terms of performing as well as educating the patient and family members.  Collecting of patient information for demographics, clinical as well as vitals constitutes the cycle of tasks as well as administering injections and conducting lab tests where applicable.


Due to the generality of tasks, licensed practical nurses are able to function in most health care environments so long as they possess basic nursing skills.  Although many seek permanent posting as the preferred choice of employment, some opt to offer their services as travelling nurses.  This presents an opportunity to expose oneself to new settings and experiences as well as increase one’s earnings via travel and hardship allowances.


If one is interested in pursuing an education in this line, it is ideal to have a high school qualification with acceptable grades in core subjects such as math and science.  A record void of criminal activity also opens doors of opportunity as compared to one with a spotted past.


Due to the hands-on nature of their work responsibilities, educational opportunities towards becoming a licensed practical nurse tend to mandate physical attendance in actual classes.  No amount of computer-aided simulation is able to train an individual with the complexities and actual task of injecting another person.  Schools associated with health care facilities allow students to gather field experience on daily patient care by establishing direct contact with patients and other health care practitioners.  Distance learning programs are generally made available to those already qualified and seek to obtain further specializations.


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