Licensed practical nursing (LPN) is a step closer to people who want to gain a degree in nursing. The reason people are much more willing to get a LPN degree than a registered nurse (RN) program is because it will only take a year to undergo which would give them the chance to work earlier; thinking they could go back to school later on to get a degree as registered nurse.

In order to become a LPN you must take the NCLEX-PN, a license exam for registered nurses and practical or vocational nurses aspirants, and pass it to complete the licensed practical nurse education. You can get into a program if you have a high school diploma or you can go through a vocational training center while still in high school. Some universities offer programs that suit your schedule and requirements.

During the training, students will go through classroom study and clinical practice in nursing programs. They study anatomy, physiology, pediatrics, medical and surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing, administration of medicines, basic nutrition and first aid training.

After completing the LPN program, they will receive their license. When you pass the NCLEX-PN you can practice as a licensed practical nurse. The test has 85 up to 205 questions, depending on how many wrong answers you will have.

You can approach the NAPNES or National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Services, Inc., the oldest organization for practical nurse education, which promotes the practice and education of practical or vocational nurses. They are open for membership not only to licensed practical nurse but to registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, students, schools and other organizations that share the same advocacy as the association.

Licensed practical nurses are focused on providing bedside care unlike registered nurses.

Their task is more technical and their practice depends on what state they are in. Keep in mind that it is not enough that you obtain a license, but in order to become a good practical nurse, you must instill care for people and your patients per se. One has to be emotionally ready and observant to gain good decision-making skills.

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