Those searching for a career in the health care field should consider being a licensed practical nurse. Licensed practical nurse or LPN is the quickest career to join in the medical health field. The job only requires the student to join LPN program and become a practical nurse after completing the 1-year study period.

Working as LPN gives the chance to learn, with hands – on experience, all the basic nursing responsibilities. Those who want to continue studying to become registered nurses will benefit from this practical experience spent in Health care facilities. Practical nurse is responsible for inpatient nutrition, hygiene and cleaning, vital sign monitoring and even sample collection.

LPN can be a terrific way to secure stable and steady annual income. The average annual salary of Licensed Practical nurse ranges from $ 35 000 to $ 45 000. This means that, one – year study period can be a significant investment for anyone looking to join health care sector. RN courses are expensive, so maintaining a job securing steady income and in – field experience would be an enormous help.

Tuition fees are still a serious problem for many people; most LPN colleges have different financing options for their programs. Contact different LPN Colleges and find out the different payment options they offer. Online search could be extremely useful in such cases, run a quick search and it will return different colleges with different financing options to choose.

In many cases, studying time and physical location can be a considerable barrier too. For the physical location, LPN courses are available online through many colleges and Schools.

A quick search over the Internet will return hundreds and maybe thousands of results. If the studying time is the barrier, many LPN schools are offering their courses with evening schedule or weekend lessons so; it is easy to arrange the studying schedule according to your own preferences.

Starting health care career as a Licensed Practical Nurse has different advantages. First, Registered Nurse program requires from three to four years to finish. Second, starting with LPN course only requires 1 year study, after that the practical nurse is able to work in any medical facility. Third, going from LPN to RN is much easier than taking RN course from the beginning; working practical inside a hospital accumulates experience that helps in passing LPN-RN exams quickly.    

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