Among the others were present at the conference over the Lombardy’s head of house Domenico Zambetti, the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti and Attilio Fontana, mayor of Varese and president of ANCI Lombardia, an association of various municipalities of Italy. The main themes was to propose a regional project, the first of this type in Italy, for a “Fund Lombardy” in response to changing housing needs of the last period, in particular rule, the access to the building of private buildings as dwellings and through contributions to of families in need by developing a real plan home region of Lombardy.

It ‘should in fact increase the affordable housing nevertheless ensure support through the application of social contributions to those who have to enter the residential buildings of public housing. To demonstrate the commitment of the Lombardy Region on this side came the figures on display at the conference who explained that in the last 10 years the region has paid 670 million euro to support more than 500 thousand families in the payment of rent by the Fund Holiday Support. But from the perspective of housing is that the vision becomes even more attractive as investments are planned for the construction and allocation of housing, 6,000 in the next four years to guarantee a better welfare housing and quality of life for people assignee of housing .

The offering will be expanded through the purchase of housing for the redevelopment of neighborhoods and housing with the provision of targeted subsidies to ensure that citizens have access to such buildings in a controlled and efficient. The priority will be to build approximately 900 apartments with time of building speed, which will be concluded through the use of real estate funds. Projects must be capable of integrating social dimensions with the financial and real estate providing a margin of profitability. Just last November 10, the Lombardy regional government has approved a selection of 40 proposed measures are included in the ministry because of the program that will stabilize in the Milanese region of the National Housing.

Detail is the theme of housing as well as the overall availability that must meet certain characteristics in terms of energy efficiency, the social side to create the right mix of housing both to the context of insertion in relation to the proximity of infrastructure atria and comfort. A mix that must be managed through the collaboration of different entities such as regional, provincial and commune.

Issues that in many cases are linked to those addressed by the national housing plan then imported into Regions, Provinces and Municipalities which aims to positive resolution of the construction sector after the crisis that has hit us over the past two years and must take into account of new regulations issued by the Council of Ministers, including the issue of energy el of construction materials for new buildings and used for the rehabilitation of existing buildings.

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