When it comes to getting the latest and greatest in digital devices, many do not have the means to afford them. In fact, many low income families have no way of paying for the cellular phones and plans that are popular today. That is all about to change though, as there is a company that is bringing wireless communication to everyone. The option is being pushed through Assurance Wireless which is now bring a great deal of hope to those that in Missouri. Low income is no longer a stopping block for those that want to get moving forward with a great gadget.

This program allows that are dealing with financial hardships communicate with others for free. That’s right, a completely free phone also comes with free minutes and texts. There are no strings attached, no hidden fees, and as long as a family meets the qualifications, t hey can take part in this special program that is being subsidized by the federal government. Not everyone will qualify for this, which is why it’s important to understand that there are rules and regulations that need to be followed in order to get this option.

For those that are worried about additional services, they are available in a number of ways. Those that want to get more minutes, for example can add additional minutes and texts via Virgin Mobile refill cards, or pay with third party payment solutions such as PayPal. Other options such as unlimited web can be added for an additional fee a month. The price for unlimited web, for example, is only $ 30 a month. That is a far cry from the national average of plans that are not only contractual agreements of upwards of 2 years, but can be quite expensive.

At press time, some of the costs of a 2-year agreement can be upwards of $ 80 – $ 100 a month.

Families that are in a lower income bracket than others can rely on this subsidized program to get a full cellular phone package that includes a phone, messaging, and calls within a limited option. When signing up the program allows for 250 minutes of talk, 250 texts, and for a grand total of nothing. That’s right, the payment due is zero, which may seem like something that is too incredible to believe, but it’s true and real.

The program that is being pushed by Assurance Wireless is limited to only 33 states at the moment, but it’s coming to Missouri and is one of the best options that families have to stay in touch in these modern times. Instead of paying the high rates or trying to go through the different contracts that are offered by big time cellular companies, you can easily get moving forward with this plan. In order to qualify, certain parameters should be denoted, which will not approve all that inquire, but can definitely help overall. For those that are looking to move forward, simply consult the official Assurance Wireless website for details.

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