More and more licensed practical nurses are starting LPN to BSN programs today, and there is good reason why. There are more schooling options to choose from, including hospital diploma programs, traditional college programs, community college and vocational school programs and the latest addition of accredited online learning programs. LPNs are somewhat limited in what they can do, although for many the joy of helping others is enough to lead them into this career. After advancing from the LPN certificate to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and becoming a registered nurse, your career can really take off.

Online LPN to BSN programs have become particularly popular for those currently working as licensed practical nurses. You can continue working full time and keeping up with your obligations as you study from home in your spare time and complete your hands on training at times and places that are convenient to you. There are more online degree programs than ever before, thanks to standardization through accreditation. When a reputable organization has accredited an online university, you can trust that your Bachelor of Science in Nursing will satisfy employers, provide top quality education, transfer to other institutions and qualify you for federal financial aid.

You have many options for LPN to BSN, but online schooling offers some benefits that might be just right for you. First, you can attend classes from home and study wherever you like. Many schools even offer flexible schedules for finishing coursework and moving on to the next classes. You may be able to tailor a program to your specific needs, and you may be able to finish early if you choose an accelerated program.

Whether you live in a sprawling metropolis or a country area you can attend a good online program, and funding is available from multiple sources in many cases.

Now it’s possible to go from a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while you continue to work in the field and live your life. You can get your education from a college, vocational/community school, hospital or accredited online university.

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