If you are an LPN who has been gaining good experience in the workplace and feel as though you have established a good knowledge base of nursing matters you may wish to consider taking the next step and training to become a Registered Nurse (RN). It may seem to you that the differences between an LPN and an RN are relatively small at first glance, but the training requirements for the RN qualification are considerably greater than the LPN role. The real difference however are the career opportunities available to you further down the road.

The fact of the matter is that an experienced RN has opportunities available to them than would ever be available to an LPN no matter how many years of experience the LPN may have. The LPN certified nurse will eventually reach a point in their career when the opportunities available to them for promotion become very limited. This is especially true of the financial rewards. For the LPN the money may well be satisfactory in the beginning but later it will be a constraint. This constraint is not experienced by the qualified RN. So as an LPN you really should consider whether to continue some further education program so you can progress to the next rung on the nursing ladder.

There have been designed special LPN to RN transition programs specifically to enable those qualified Licensed Practical Nurses who wish to become Registered Nurses which demands a minimum amount of time and ensures as little repeating of course content as possible. The LPN to RN graduate will become eligible to become an RN after you have passed the exam required of all student nurses aspiring to become an RN.

As with the LPN qualification there is a national examination the NCLEX-RN, which must be passed by all students prior to them achieving certification as an RN. This exam is structured to test the students medical knowledge, nursing competency, and will determine your eligibility to earn a RN license and begin your career as a Registered Nurse.

Andrea Jones provides valuable advice about the background, qualification procedure and opportunities presented to anyone thinking of undertaking an LPN career.

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