I remember going to the cemetery with my dad on Memorial Day while growing up. We went to visit his father’s grave. I knew it was important to him so I went with a pious reverence. I do remember wondering, however, why we only did this on Memorial Day? And why weren’t we visiting other graves of people we knew who had died?

I think it’s important to think of everyday as Memorial Day.  You see, I am convinced that my life has been influenced (in both good and bad ways) by everyone I’ve gotten to know in my life. After all, whether we realize it or not, everyone we know in our lives contributes to who we become. I try to remember to be thankful for this everyday. It’s probably a good thing to declare a holiday so that we can dedicate an entire day to focusing on those we’ve loved in our lives. I have a feeling, though, that most people think of it as that great long weekend in the beginning of the summer. It’s a free Monday, off from work.

So, while I’m not suggesting that we overlook Memorial Day, I do think it’s a good idea to try to remember those who have gone before us on a daily basis. It helps us to appreciate each day that we’re here. And I always think that living with gratitude is the ideal way to live. So thank you to all who have passed through my life. I honor you on this day and always.

Adrienne Crowther

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