As a certified SE Marketing Specialist, I wrote several articles on increasing Search Engine targeted traffic. I never mention, discuss, or recommend programs or software in my writings; and there is a reason for that: I do not trust any of them. None.
However, there is an exception to my rule.

My experience has shown me that increasing Search Engine targeted traffic is influenced on how happy we keep spiders in many more ways than one when they arrive to our web sites. Proper HTML syntax is one of those ways. In addition, and not a bit less important, your visitors’ browsers are likely to display things the way you want them to.
There is a company out there that has quietly developed ~through a number of years~ what today is a splendid piece of prime software which I would categorize as “Mandatory To Have.” At the beginning, I was reluctant to get into a program that appeared to progressively get more and more complex. “This is not for me” I said to myself. In fairness to a honest and trustworthy developer, I decided to give it a shot. Boy…! – I was wrong ! – It is the complexity of his program what makes it so easy to use.

The name of this investment in accurate knowledge ~and great many sleepless nights, I presume~ is CSE HTML Validator.
Download the free trial, and after the straightforward installation, do NOT get intimidated. Then, bring up your .index web page into the Editor ~or any other web page that you prefer~ and you are likely to be horrified by the number of errors found. Are they all important? YES ! – All of them must be corrected no excuses, no if’s, no but’s, no discussions about them.
The guys behind Google, Yahoo, and all major Search Engines send out in the realms of cyberspace spiders programmed to frown upon a web page that is blotted with tons of HTML code and with errors everywhere. Today, those guys already are on their way to see acceptable and reasonable web pages that are lean ~as opposed to fat and overloaded with mounds of erroneous HTML code~ and lightweight in graphics’ size and HTTP requests to servers.
A lean and proper coding Internet is on its way; and CSE HTML Validator excels at giving us what the Internet is on its way to become.
Aware that I had to do something about errors found in my entire web site, I decided to not get into the monumental task of fixing up HTML errors. I concluded that I would be investing my time and efforts in a language already obsolete. Investing in the future was more sensible, and wiser. As a result, and with the priceless help of CSE HTML Validator, one web page at a time was translated into XHTML or Extended HTML
CSE HTML Validator provided me with the code needed at the very top or beginning of the HTML document, or web page. Then, using Divisions and CSS, I replicated my entire web site to remain looking EXACTLY the way it looked in the past with the old HTML. The huge difference is that EACH of my web site’s pages are today significantly reduced in size, CSE HTML Validator tells me that no major problems were found when I hear the “Ta… Taaaaa” after a validation. In addition, I know for a fact that spiders make a note when they arrive to my web site because it is lean, very small in HTML coding, and I help them have a much easier job. Yes, nowadays, spiders do keep those things into account.
It all started when I gave CSE HTML Validator a try. Since then, I do not look at any of my clients’ web pages unless I load up CSE HTML Validator. I want to see if the syntax errors are too numerous to allow a meaningful optimization. So again, if increasing Search Engine targeted traffic is in your agenda, I explain in my articles how you can do it for yourself, but before you read my articles, be wise and do yourself a favor acquiring the ONLY program that is mandatory to have: CSE HTML Validator.


* George Josserme

* Editor-in-Chief

* Fountain of Wisdom

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