Most of the non-medical science students look for a career in engineering sector because of the growing demand of technology across the globe. Mechanical engineering is one of the most common fields of engineering wherein application of principles and techniques for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems are applied. The job role of a mechanical engineer is that of a future creator as they are continuously involved in evolving the technology keeping into consideration the demand of the consumers.

The basic job role of a mechanical engineer is to create, coordinate and monitors all aspects of production, fabrication and product design, understands and develops new systems, develops reliability protocols and reports and work with the maintenance teams to develop and implement preventive maintenance processes. They are not only involved in developing new systems but they are also involved in maintenance and repair of the devices. An aspiring candidate in this field need to have a B.E.(Bachelor of Engineering) degree with specialization in mechanical engineering and strong verbal and written communication skills, excellent mechanical aptitude and knowledge, excellent problem solving skills and good organizational skills.

Mechanical Design Engineering in one of the subset of the Mechanical Engineering wherein the candidates undertaking such job role are involved in the designing of the machinery and equipments
along with the engineering. These designers use their creative skills and understanding of mechanics to create visual plans that help the engineers understand how to create a mechanical product. When a company is creating a mechanical product these engineers take care of the design needs of the company. A candidate looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer role must have good drawing skills, analytical and problem solving ability and must possess good oral and written communication along with a B.E. degree.

Mechanical engineering jobs is a vast field wherein the engineers are expected to constantly improve, re-design and invent equipments and is best suited for those who are good at maths, science and design. These engineers can find employment in both public and private sector companies including the automobile, steel plants, chemical, space research organization, electronics, oil exploration and refining etc. Remuneration of these engineers is quite high because of the distinctive nature of work. A fresher looking for such job role can earn between Rs.10000- Rs. 15000 which tends to increase with the increase in experience and skills.

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