Writing a great medical assistant cover letter is not that hard if you know how. All cover letters actually follow a set format whether you use email or print out your letter. The first paragraph is the introduction, the second lists your achievements and qualifications and the last concludes your medical assistant cover letter by thanking the reader for their time.

Since you are applying for a medical assistant job which may include administrative duties such as answering correspondence, it is very important to write a very professional medical assistant cover letter. A letter that is full of grammatical errors, misspellings, missing information and other such mistakes will make you look lazy or incompetent. It is better to send a well-written cover letter to help you get a job interview.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Format Guide

Your Address
Contact Number


Title (Mr./Ms./Dr.) Full Name
Job Title
Name of Organization

Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. Last Name:

First paragraph – This should be quite short and include basic information such as why you are writing (applying for a medical assistant job!) and how or where you learned of the job opening

Second paragraph – Sell yourself! State why you are interested in the job. Highlight your qualifications and achievements. For a medical assistant cover letter, employers will be interested in four things: certifications, medical assistant training and education, relevant work experience and soft skills such as interpersonal and communication skills. You may use a short paragraph and then some bullet points for easier reading.

Third paragraph – Again, keep this short. Three or four sentences are enough. Request an interview, state that your resume is attached and, most importantly, thank the reader for his time and consideration.


(your handwritten signature)
Your full name

Enclosure (Resume and anything else you are sending with the medical assistant cover letter)

Medical Assistant Cover Letter: To Email or Not?

Your options when sending a medical assistant cover letter are to email it, use snail mail or hand deliver it. The question nowadays is whether the employer or recruiter prefers email or not.

Take your cue from the employer. Read the medical assistant job description carefully. There should be instructions there which you should follow. If you were given an email address and told to apply by email then you know what to do.

What if there are no specific instructions about how to apply? If there is a telephone number given, call them and ask. When only an email address is given that means they expect you to email them.

Note that although emails are generally more informal than printed mail, for a medical assistant cover letter it is still best to use the professional letter format given above.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Writing Tips

Each cover letter should be unique. Tailor your medical assistant cover letter using the job description given. For example, if this particular medical assistant job description mentions a lot of soft skills, then it would be good to highlight those skills in your letter.

Avoid using contractions such as “don’t,” “I’m,” “isn’t,” etc.

Keep it short and simple. Don’t write 3 pages about yourself.

Use regular white paper and black ink. Fancy colored stationary is not appropriate.

Instead of listing every little thing about yourself in you medical assistant cover letter, stick to emphasizing your main selling points only. That can be a strong clinical background, extensive experience in medical office management or a high GPA.

The perfect medical assistant cover letter is professional, brief and highlights what you can contribute to a company or organization. Your goal is to get your foot in the door for a job interview. Use the tips and format given in this article to write a medical assistant cover letter that shows that you are a serious and professional job candidate.

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