In general, a school is an institution for the teaching of students who are the future citizens under the efficient direction of teachers. Medical assistant schools are those which give medical assistant training for the students. Medical assistants are those who provide health care and perform administrative and clinical tasks to support the work of doctors and other health professionals. The school helps them get effective training to become a perfect medical assistant. It should prepare the students not only to procure certification but also dedicated personnel. The school should teach the medical assistants that patients will be given top priority. From reception to check out, they should treat the patients’ heart fully.

Medical Assistant Training school teaches medical assisting as a professional career by laying stress on wide range of hospital and doctor’s office skills. These schools facilitate the trainees in assisting physicians in examining and treating patients. The subjects that will be taught in most of the Medical Assistant schools are universal precautions, medical asepsis, infection control, and laboratory safety.

These schools should inject the following skills in the students so that their services will be recognizable.

. Oral verbal Skills: This is the most important skill in which every student should acquire. The ability to communicate effectively to convey information and problem solving attitude helps them to get good reputation. They should be empathetic and should validate the patients’ concern.

. Reasoning Skills: They should procure enough reasoning skills in which they should explain to patients patiently. They must be able to use these skills in problem solving ,resolving conflicts, prioritize needs, adapt schedules, reassign duties, modify activities, revise procedures.

. Quantitative and qualitative Skills: They must apply basic math to medically related problems such as Patient weight, cost of supplies and Inventory, interpret diagrams, temperature, charts, graphs, and tables and conversions etc.,

. Perceptual Skills: Students should have an ability to use visual information and must give support through positive body language displaying active listening skills while being aware of nonverbal communications.

. Attentiveness: The most important of all the skills is Paying attention to patients, family members, team members, business contacts and all

These schools not only teach the subject matter but also legal and ethical principles associated with today’s health care system which includes cultural and age appropriate interaction with an importance on medical assisting. The medical assistant course taught in the schools will cover common medical conditions, human diseases, disease process and diagnostic tests, treatments indicated, and patient instructions. The schools also teach basic principles of pharmacology and drug therapy as they relates to the Medical Assisting Profession.

Theoretical preparation and Practical laboratory training includes collection, proper handling of blood and other body fluids basic hematology procedures, routine urinalysis, rapid strep, pregnancy tests, and venipuncture helps them to settle fast in the employment. Clinical skills such as charting and documentation, patient vital signs, and physical examinations almost gives them enough knowledge to forecast the use the drugs prescribed by the doctor.

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