Along with social security disability benefits comes a long list of restrictions and precautions that government takes in order to ensure that the people who are on social security disability benefits are actually disabled and still in need of assistance. Because of this factor, someone from the social security disability sector will review your medial condition from time to time to make sure that you are still disabled and in need to the benefits.

When you are considered disabled, the government will categorize your specific case under one of the three improvement sections. The first is the medical improvement expected category. This category means that your disability will most likely heal and improve within a specific time frame. When you are categorized under this section, they will do a full medical condition examination about every six to 18 months. The second category is the improvement possible category.

Under this category, your disability can possibly improve, but it is not certain that it will. With this case, they will review your medical condition every 3 years to ensure that your condition is either better or still there. The last section is the improvement not expected category. Under this category it is expected that you will not recover from your disability. With this case, you are unlikely to ever get better so they will only review your case lightly once every five to seven years or so.

The review process for your condition can vary some much as to include reports of your medical history, improvements, work history and even full examinations. Your certain situation is taken into account and is reviewed on a case by case basis.

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