Transcription is an art of converting voice recorders information into usefull text formats. The transcription becomes particularly necessary when complex names, information and specification need to be communicated accurately. One such profession that deals with such complexity is medical. In medical professions physicians have to communicate clearly and precisely about the results of the diagnosed lab reports and the medications the patients need to undergo. From the patients point of view, it seems to be very complicated to understand different medical terminologies and communicate such reports back to the physician at the later stage.

So the communication on the medical terminology term is vital.

Disadvantages of not using a Medical transcription:

When the reports are maintained in hardcopies they occupy large space, not creating candor and time consuming. It will create confusions when trying to arrange hard copy reports and involves excessive communication and manual judgment. There is every chance of mix up of reports without proper tracking.

Hence to make the process more clear and the communication between the patient and the physician more comfortable we need a business process in place. Medical transcription helps to solve this problem. Medical transcription helps to bridge the communication gap between the patient and the physician.

Medical Transcription Process:

The real time conversation from the physician side is recorder in a hand held device and stored in a server. The specifications of the medial report are usually dictated by physicians. The Medical Transcriber would covert this voice message into readable text message. This text message will be assigned with a unique identification number then stored back to the server location. This unique identification number is given to track down the specific patient records. The details in the records are later used by the physicians.

Advantages of Medical Transcription:

Medical Transcription will eliminate the need of maintaining hard copies and eliminate the risk of reports mix up belonging to different patients. Eliminates manual tracking of a particular patient record and human judgments.

When the voice recorded information is converted into soft copy text format, it can be stored and retrieved from centralized servers. Because of its softcopy nature the current report can be edited or amended/updated without making duplication (like in hard copy reports). This will help the physician to retrieve complete patient’s history on their health and the treatment they have undergone using unique identification given for each patient. This makes the process more effective, accurate and reduces the panic on patients when they want to communication complex terms.

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