The audacity of people talking about mediocre jobs is like nails being dragged on a chalkboard because all jobs are relevant. There is not a job being carried out or performed that has no importance because if it was then it would not exist.


Mediocrity comes into play when your attitude restricts you from completing the job to its fullest doing it to the best of your abilities so you may achieve your goals. For some a job is a stepping stone and this type of person will not be satisfied until the desired opportunity with all its frills and frolics have been attained.


Not everyone wants a hectic life and many are truly at peace doing their thing and living calmly and quietly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and because of their diligence other opportunities are surely coming along adding more benefits that may be missed if a different job had been chosen.


The primary method to erase mediocrity is to believe in your capabilities and you do this by developing an idea of what it is you want to achieve. Then you write it down followed by the steps needed to draw the target towards you thus you shall achieve it.


Mr. Fire Dr. Joe Vitale talks about ‘Nevillising’ your dreams where every day you visualise the end result thus prompting your enthusiasm so make sure you do not stray from your aim.


It is the same as simulation which astronauts have to participate in order to facilitate their success on the space trip. You will also find that top athletes perform this daily before their exercise and especially before entering a competition.


Jesus talks about asking full of faith which is essentially the same thing because if you cannot see yourself already in possession of your goals then it shall take them longer to come your way.


Maybe even never coming your way because you may not have had the belief system necessary to achieve thus attain and then you rub your forehead and wonder: ‘where did I go wrong.’ What you need to say though is that yes I will strive for success; my life is worth the effort thus success will be mine!’ You have to say it with conviction and with the most absolute of belief erasing all doubt.


Useful tip: practice daily the art of simulation until you perfect it especially if you have a mediocrity mindset because success shall only greet the person who has risen above such a frame of mind. Make a commitment to participate in three X 135 day goal setting sessions. God bless.

Tomas Coimin is a master of motivational techniques with a strong desire to help others seek greater peace through positive self-esteem. Based in Co. Tipperary Ireland. my aim here is to deliver subject matter that pertains to you the reader and with this in mind it is appreciated to receive feedback seeking articles on subjects that may be of concern to you and I shall do my utmost to deliver appropriate content that satisfies.
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