The Melissa and Doug Company is a Westport, Connecticut based company formed by husband and wife team Douglas and Melissa Bernstein. The business was started in 1988, and now has over 20 years behind it of providing sought after, quality children’s products that have helped form lasting memories. Many of the products in their line of toys provide a valuable educational experience for young minds just learning about the world and their place in it.

There are several collections of learning mats. These are laminated maps that children can draw on which show images of common educational themes that children learn. There’s an Alphabet and Numbers set of learning mats, which support their reading and numerical literacy. There’s also a Basic Skills set of learning mats, which help children learn and reinforce such important skills as telling time, phonics, and handwriting. There’s also a Math Skills set of learning mats, which help children to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Many other mats are also available, including mats to teach about geography, the solar system, past US presidents, dinosaurs, and more.

Also available to stimulate young minds is a large selection of puzzles and other toys such as alphabet blocks and numbers blocks, as well as interactive toys like the alphabet puzzle book or the magnetic number maze. Chalkboards and Dry-Erase Boards are available to help children practice their writing, and there are a lot of wild animal shaped toys that allow children to learn about the animals in the world from far off places.

Also available from Melissa and Doug are classic games that encourage thinking and strategy like Chess and Checkers. Arts and Craft supplies are also available to help excite budding young minds. They also carry accessories to help young minds discover nature, such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, bug nets and bug houses, and little plastic snakes, bugs, and lizards. The Melissa and Doug Company are committed to helping young minds learn and grow in a variety of ways, and this is seen very clearly by the types of toys that they offer.

The Melissa And Doug company also carries several other lines of toys that are very popular, including Trunki, the adorably painted trunk on wheels that can be used as a storage bin, or as a piece of luggage that children can ride on so that they can have more fun in airports. Also available are stuffed animals, puppets, pretend kitchen utensils and tools, dolls, doll houses, memory frames, door plaques, castle sets, farm sets, rattles, sand box toys, picnic and camping accessories, and more.

All these wonderful lines of children’s toys that support growing young minds make the Melissa and Doug Company a great source for any parents looking to provide their children with the best start possible. Laughter, learning, and fun are never in short supply when you’ve got toys made by the Melissa and Doug Company, helping families grow together for over 20 years with no end in sight.

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