A memorial plaque, specially selected and custom-designed for a loved one, can be a gesture that benefits many people by preserving the memory of a friend or family member for future generations. This is the way we commemorate the important people, places, and events in our lives. Memorials are also created to honour our heroes and to mark our triumphs and tragedies. The most poignant memorials, though, are those with a personal connection the memorials that tell the story of a life.

Cast Bronze plaques are considered one of the most prestigious and classic forms of memorial plaques. Cast Bronze Plaques provide a very tactile and dimensional look to a fitting memorial. Bas relief images are now a reality, so providing a special memorial with an image or images in 2.5 D is the ultimate way to commemorate a loved one or important person in our lives.

Brass is considered the traditional material used to engrave or photo chemical etch commemorative plaques, used both indoors and outdoors, as it is timeless. Weather impacts brass very little, it may gather a greenish patina or lose some shine but if you prefer, it can be coated with a long life UV resistant clear coating.

Brass markers or plaques can be engraved or photo chemical milled,
(acid etched, photo etched) with a variety of fonts, scripts and images and have a very professional finish. Other materials such as acrylic, anodized aluminum and corian stone are often chosen as these are virtually maintenance-free and fade-proof. Stainless steel is a tough material that can be laser engraved, rotary engraved or acid etched which means that the lettering can be smaller and more details can be included, even photographs.

The inscription on a cremation urn, memorial plaque, or other form of memorial, including a grave marker, can be very short and simple, or more creative and personal. Most inscriptions include the name of the deceased, along with dates of birth and death but many include personalized texts as well. Ideas for wording can be found in famous quotations, sacred and religious texts and in song lyrics.

The artwork you provide can be reduced or enlarged according to the amount of text in the epitaph you decide upon. Top engraving companies will provide you with examples of what has been done before and what is most popular. Remember to ask for a proof of the text that will be applied to your plaque so that you can approve it. There are many new trends in the design of memorials and new long-lasting materials and techniques are used.

If you are unsure about how to go about ordering a memorial plaque, the best suppliers and engravers can advise you on size, design, mounting, finishing and installation and will custom-make to your requirements and ship anywhere in the world. If you select an engraver with a good reputation for accuracy and attention to detail, you cant go wrong.

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