Michigan is not a bad place to be in after retirement.  The fact of the matter is that seniors will get to bask in this state’s diversified tourist attractions without spending more than they’re supposed to.  It’s definitely a place for people who want to continue or pursue an adventurous life; just be financially equipped for Michigan long term care costs.


I thought I detected a smirk somewhere but that’s normal, as practically everybody these days is threatened by the continuously soaring cost of care.  That’s why it’s better not to talk about it anymore.  However advantageous that would be, we can’t help but touch the subject whenever we discuss places that are ideal for the aging population. 


Michigan happens to be one.  Its outdoor parks and indoor water parks complemented with all that playground equipment, which are done in a futuristic manner to suit the wild imagination of kids and adults, never fail to provide an unforgettable resort experience especially to families. 


For baby boomers who’ve done nothing in the past 40 years but work like a dog, you will definitely be awed by the wonderful offerings of the Grand Rapids.  Here you can backtrack your life as you take long hours fishing in the pristine Campbell Lake or you can choose from an array of tranquil lakes nearby.


On the other hand, if you want to relish the touristic aspect of the place why not board one of those antique trains on Coopersville and Marne Railway and get a better view of the city?  After a three-hour ride you can get off at the Coopersville Farm Museum that offers unique art pieces that you will not want to miss.


However a wonderful place for one to grow old, not everything in Michigan comes cheap.  Sure you can get a house here that is priced lower than the national median but apart from shelter there are many other important things to consider.   


Michigan Long Term Care Costs


Michiganders are not at all confident that they can face the prohibitive long term care costs in their area.  Although Grand Rapids is one of the best places to live in, it also happens to be one of the scariest in terms of LTC.


If you compare the cost of care in Grand Rapids with what is offered by Michigan’s neighboring states you will realize how high it is.  For instance, residents in the Grand Rapids area receiving in-home care are paying $ 22 per hour for a home health aide, while those in Indiana and Ohio who are in the same LTC setting are only shelling out $ 20 to $ 21 every hour.


Now the average daily rate of a nursing home in Grand Rapids is incomparable.  Residents wonder how they can possibly afford $ 265 should they or their loved ones be admitted one day.  If you’re thinking that LTC facilities in Grand Rapids could just be priced too high, read on.  Michigan’s national median annual rate for a nursing home is $ 85,775, which is apparently still too far from $ 76,200 or even $ 76,650 which is the average annual rate of nursing homes in Ohio and Indiana.


These LTC figures, however, should not discourage you from experiencing the wonderful offerings of Michigan.  To be able to face the soaring Michigan long term care costs, contact your insurance agent today and discuss what options you can take in line with LTC.      

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