MIND Research Institute is a neuroscience and education research based non-profit organization operating in America and revolutionizing the techniques of learning math’s. MIND offer a science based tool that facilitates teaching and learning of math’s with the help of visual Instructional software without making use of any language. The program features the use of innovative instructional software, professional development and textbooks.  One of its kind, this unique learning process engages the learners spatial temporal reasoning abilities in order to understand, analyze and solve multi-step mathematical problems. This method has been developed after exhaustive research in learning habits of humans and other such interdisciplinary behaviors and attitude studies.

These techniques have made learning math not only effective but also a fun activity.

The various techniques that are being used aims at simplifying the process of learning algebra and creating a generation using scalable and sustainable tools that has proficiency in maths.

On the basis of research over the years a pattern has been noticed: schools implementing 50% or more of the program have fewer students performing low, and the students performing well as outstandingly high in levels. MIND’s interactive mathematics software, textbooks and overall visual approach has made learning math a kids play. It has demonstrated the efficacy in classrooms of many of the key findings released by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel.

The highly interactive algebra learning software is the most evident and highly buzzed advancements towards interactive math’s learning techniques. It uses visual interactive techniques to make leaning math a self-involving activity.  

Benefits of MIND Programs

Use of non language based Innovative visual approach to teach math’s
Extensive courseware matches easily with the state standards
Helps students score higher marks
The use of innovative techniques such as games engages students
The non language based software overcomes language barriers
The visual based programs appeal students from levels of academic efficiency
The students themselves decide the pace of the course
Innovative games encourage multi step solutions to problem solving techniques

For more information on learning math and algebra learning software, please visit: http://mindresearch.net/

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