As the presidential election comes nearer Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney continues to remain at the top against all other candidates from the time that he declared his candidacy. Mitt Romney has been faced with many Republican presidential contenders like Herman Cain and Rick Perry but sill remained to gain the crowd’s favor. With all the other platforms including Mitt Romney’s tax plan, the Governor seems likely to gain more support from Republican voters.

During the recent GOP debate Mitt Romney again proves that knowledge and experience will take him to success. His clear stand and presentation of the foreign policy outshone all the other presidential candidates. Equally impressed with how Mitt Romney won the GOP debate is Mr. Eric Edelman, former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. Mr. Edelman says that “Mitt Romney understands that this is a dangerous time for America to shrink our military, retreat from the world, or defer to other actors. All Americans can rest assured that Governor Romney will secure both our interests and ideals with a strong national defense, resolute diplomacy, and a renewal of American leadership.”

Controversial because of his stand against illegal immigrants, Mitt Romney is firm in being an “anti-amnesty” candidate contrary to what was reported. What he intends to do is to pressure illegal immigrants so that they go back to their country on their own. No benefits and no employment await illegal aliens when Romney becomes president. The idea is absolutely contrary to Newt Gingrich who supports providing a means to making illegal immigrants stay legally in the country.

According to Gingrich, some of these illegal immigrants have strong ties to America like church or family. Amnesty or no amnesty is a delicate stand for any presidential candidate; it will determine the votes of American citizens who probably have relatives or close friends staying illegally in the country.

Some of Mitt Romney’s platform also includes using untapped energy sources to reduce the use of oil like nuclear, biodiesel, and coal. According to him his tax plan will help the middle class but it is not meant to put money into people’s pockets. Like most of the other Republican presidential candidates, he aims to abolish Obama Care. Mitt Romney do believe that anyone has the right to bear arms but he supports the ban against assault weapons.

Presently, Mitt Romney ranks second in the Republican polls behind Newt Gingrich. Mitt Romney only holds less than 25% of the Republican voters’ support. Should Mitt Romney start amending his tax plan to gain more favor from voters? The caucus is getting near but Republicans are still searching for the perfect presidentiable, will it be Mitt Romney? 

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