Money problems can drive people insane.  It of course can lead to many other problems. Stress, depression and sometimes life ending fatalities.  You need help.  Where do you get it? Help with money is not easy to find.  When you have bad credit it only makes it harder.

If you need help with money, you will have to make some sacrifices before you start looking for an easy way out. You need to re-budget your whole situation and focus on the things you need rather than what you want. You might have to think of getting another job.  Do not let your money problems go and just not deal with them.  You can make a plan and you will just have to start small. This is easier said than done.

I would stop by looking for another credit card.  I would not try to get a loan.  Call your creditors and tell them there is nothing you can do and you will pay them when you are back on your feet.  If they do not accept this than that is their problem. What can you do?  Start planning for the worse.  Talk to your friends and family.  Do not be stubborn.  Let them know you need help.  Lots of churches have food shelters. They will give you food once a month if you are in desperate need.  Do not feel embarrassed that is what they are there for.

Remember that lots of people are having money problems like yourself.  They need help to.  Go online and try to get suggestions from people who have faced this problem.  You might find some good information.  If you have kids.  Do not put all of that pressure on yourself.  There are lots of caring individuals who will look after the best interest for your kids.  There are programs out there.

If you are in trouble and have some serious money problems.  How about making some extra money.  I have found a guide that shows you step by step on how to make a career at home working online spending nothing along the way.  If you have interest?  Visit,

YOU: I need to make some money today? WELL, here's how we do it!

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