Do you wish you could just log onto the net and come out a winner? Well you can thanks to contents run online that could win you prizes. There are all kinds if contents and all kinds of prizes one can win on these websites.

One such contest is the movie contest where one can win genuine movie DVDs, movie tickets and prizes related to a movie. These are run mainly to promote a particular movie to create a buzz and get people talking about it so people can turn out to watch it.  Some will also run contests where one is required to simply a rate a movie, write a short review about it or just a comment about it  to win something. Some websites will take it further and offer points or coupons that you can redeem in popular stores or malls.

Another kind of contest one can play is game based ones like the World Invasion: Battle Los Angles Contest where one answers a few questions to win prizes. Others are the Black Swan contest based on a movie by the same name and the True Grit contest also based on a movie by the same name. No Strings Attached is another movie-based game that one can play and win prizes and so is the Patiala House Contest based on the story of an Indian cricket player who dreamt of playing for England.

There are also games like puzzles and games one can play and win such as crosswords, chess, word lists, number series, cross sums, number fill-ins, anagrams, double sevens, cryptic arithmetic and cryptograms. These can win one cash or prizes like home appliances, phones and clothes.

For those who aspire to win some cash, the games to play are games like Tournament of Riches and One on One that offer cash as prizes.

There are also interactive games that one can play online to win cash.

Kids can also find games that are appropriate for their age. There are games that are educational as well such as science, language or geography based quizzes that help a child to learn as well as offering them prizes like books and toys.

There are also contests tailored for specific groups of people like foreigners who can play games about the language of the country they are in to help them learn it or contests that are quizzes about the country they are in that wins them prizes like maps or pamphlets with commonly used words and some information about the country they are visiting.

For the humorous, there are contests based on humor like tongue twisters, puns and wordplay, knock knock jokes, fun contests, the GRY puzzle and bragging jokes that offer prizes like joke books or mugs and t-shirts with fun and humorous writing on them.

If you have some time to kill and want to come out with something to show for your free time, try one of these contests to win prizes and you could be laughing all the way to the bank or at least a bank of freebies.

If you are looking for more information, please visit the following website: contests to win prizes

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