Here is a entry from one of my Journal Logs. Each night my therapist told me write down my thoughts for the day and keep it to myself. I felt that after I went through this drastic change in life, my thoughts, my life, and my expirences should be shared with the World so al could see the glory of what I did, and that all people could have hope when things are lookin down.

Being motivated saved my life and the life of others. The journal entry I have here, for you, is but a mear snap-shot of my life. Each night I wrote somthing the same or similar, which, when I look back on it, meant that my life was one big shit hole.

Three months after this exact entry my life changed, it was a complete paradime shift. And my friend, the shift was amazing; the things I accomplished, the confidence I felt so much…I can’t begin to put it into words.

An Entry From My Journal

I let fate control my life, my love, my wealth, my emotions. Each morning I lay awake in bed as if I was hung over, unable to find a reason to get up. Work, work was just another humdrum chore that turned me into a robot, sitting behind a desk entering numbers day in and day out, hour by hour. I watched the second hand on the clock tick my life away. Each second, a second of my life lost, never to return, never to see the light of day again. Once I finally got out of bed, there I stood, in the mirror. I don’t even know what I’m looking at, but it’s not myself; maybe an image, a remenance of what useto be, of what once was alive when I was in young, carefree in my highschool days. Breakfast, why eat, it does no good for me, it’s just another thing that wastes my time. Figues my car doesn’t start, stuck in this god-damn cold weather. “When will it end?” The drive to work doesn’t help either, the red lights just piss the hell out of me even more; you’d think they’d be the iceing on the cake but NO! There still the whipcream, fudge, chocolate chips, and the cherry. “Look at her walk across the street, him too, wow, their lives are perfect, they smile like there is some kind of drug their on, opium maybe…I don’t know – [What if my foot accidently slipped off the break, just a little scare, it won’t hurt anybody…] Finally pull up to Hell. The 37 stories of the building just bend over and laugh at me, like somthing out of a horror movie. I keep my head down and I approach the gates, “I hope Saten doesn’t greet me at the gates of Hell.” Yup there here is, “Hello Mark.” I try not to make eye contact, “Good day boss.” I hurridly and awkwardly rush into the building. Ahhhh, finally at my desk, the little bit of safty I have in my life. Then, there he comes, the “paper king” as we call him. He drops a stack of 200 documents on my desk. “Hell, hell would be a good place right now.”

I slowly place my head on the stack of papers and watch the clock, Tick…Tick…Tick…”That’s the sound of my life running out.”

Read The next entry on how my life changed one morning. See my life upon the great pedistill of people and watch me gaze to heaven in all of my glory. See how I did it, see how it happend, how I saved me my own life on my own. Read the method I used to do it. It have it all here for you. I feel as though to keeping this as a secret will be denying you life. If I do not share what I have learned, found, and applied I feel as though I have stolen from you.

Motivation is the fourfront of new life. Motivation can easily define your life, define yourself, and define your future. Motivation has the power to move mountains by the simple “Will” of one man’s mind. Back up motivation with Motivational Quotes and you are an unstopable bullet headed for its target of Newfound Glorious Life: Life not in the world you live in now, but LIFE, life in the world YOU create and you decide in live in based on your Motivation, your Techniqes, and your Motivational Quotes.

Imagine the power of a simple string of words, a sentence put together that can form an idea, an idea so positive its viral power give you the ability to control your life. Now imagine using 10 perfect quotes together to form a domineering idea, schema, mindset to create your own world and command your life and fate. These Motivational quotes are the steel beams to the skyscraper of your mind. You are the artcitect, and you build what your heart desires. You control how you think, act, and what your life brings, yeilds, and IS.

Are you rich…or are you poor?? – Only you can decide
Are you happy…or are you sad?? – Only you can decide
Are you angry…or are you forgiving?? – Only you can decide
Are you confident…or are you a “nothing” a “push-over”?? – Only you can decide
——————————————— Only You Can Decide——————————————–

In all of its wonder, glory, and awe:

I Hope It Helps 🙂 Every life I save, in Karma, I feel is a that much more positive

“Learn How to Use The Secret Motivationl Arsenal
Don’t Tread in the uncertainties the world throws at you today without your endowed sword and shield of refuge”

Read the Rest of my Story Here: Motivation
See how to Take Command Of The Life You Were Born To Live!

This isn’t anchient times where we are born into the Cast System. If you want to be King, Take It!

Motivational Quotes


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