It doesn’t seem so long ago that the process of trying to gather a handful of motor insurance quotes needed military-style preparation and the tenacity of an Everest expedition.

Back then, gathering motor insurance quotes involved an entire Saturday of visiting High Street offices where a stuffy clerk would wade through mountains of paperwork, oblivious to the queue that was forming past the door and out on to the street.

After a couple of hours, with the all-precious quote grasped tightly in your hand, you’d move another twenty yards down the road to another insurance office and go through the whole process again in the hope of saving a few pennies.

On a good day, you might get to three or four offices before finally finding out that the first one you visited was the cheapest and you’d have to go back through the monotonous rigmarole at least one more time.

The introduction of insurance brokers made the task of obtaining motor insurance quotes much simpler even while they mainly operated from offices themselves. The queues were just as long but at least you had the opportunity to pick from several prices without having to go through the painful repetition of visiting other companies.

Today, the internet has made the task of finding motor insurance quotes easier than ever before. A reputable web site and a simple registration process puts you a few clicks away from a massive number of quotes of varying description. The best thing about it all is being able to find competitive prices whilst sat in your pyjamas and looking forward to enjoying the golf course instead of dreading the High Street!

Like office-based insurance companies, there are a great many online price comparison sites and nearly all of them have motor insurance quotes at the forefront of their business.

Sites such as Confused or Compare the Market currently enjoy unrivalled growth by providing visitors with a comprehensive one-stop shop of motoring deals and competitively priced quotes.

Because these sites act in the same way as an office-based insurance broker, customers can find a full collective of premium prices for their vehicle.

Because the broker’s side of the deal doesn’t include any expensive overheads, the savings can be passed directly on to the customer by the insurance companies.

Once a suitable policy has been found, customers receive a reference number that can be used when contacting the insurance company directly. This enables the details to be recalled within the office immediately and makes the process of purchasing insurance brief and simple.

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