There is one specific program for those who are serving as reservists in any of the seven Reserve Components in the military. It is a program instituted by the Department of Defense. This program is a new reporting system in which all of the seven Reserve Components must register their personnel. It is called the Civilian Employment Information program. But many people who are not aware of it may wonder what it is really for. It is a very important program that can help in the defense of the United States of America.


What is the Goal of the Program?


The main and number one goal of the Civilian Employment Information program is to assess the background of every reservist. This helps the Department of Defense know important information on their civilian employees. This is all to give them a better idea on who will be mobilized in the course of national emergencies. Through this program, the officials of the Department of Defense would be able to choose who to send in the conflict location without causing problem to homeland defense.


How does it Work?


All the seven Reserve Components would require their personnel to submit a form that contains their important information. It would often include their preferences and experience. The employee must place on the database the following items:


– Employment Status

– Names of the Employers

– Complete Mailing Address of their Employer

– The Number of Years Working in their Civilian Occupation

– Civilian Job Titles


More Information


This is unlike the previous attempts made by the military to assess this much information.

Unlike before this is not voluntary but rather mandatory to all reserve personnel. It is not a violation of the Privacy Act as it is important to the defense of the country.


Personnel will also receive punishments when they violate the terms and conditions of the Civilian Employment Information program. If they knowingly provide false information regarding their work related information including information on their employers. Failure and or refusal to submit to the terms may also lead to administrative punishment.


These are all the things you should know about the Civilian Employment Information program. So, if you are planning to be a reservist then I suggest you partake in this project as well. Never mind if it may force you to tell delicate information. It is all part of your duty to your country and it is better than receiving punishment as well.

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