No, this is not some media hype. Yes, the federal government is indeed full of vacancies. At the start of his administration, President Obama has projected hundreds of thousands of new job openings in government and for government contractors in order to spur the economy forward. These opportunities couldn’t have come at a better time.Grab A Copy Click here

Unemployment has risen at record levels in this country. One out of every ten people is currently unemployed. This figure does not include those who are under-employed and are earning far less than what they used to make.

And the alarming reality is-things are going to GET WORSE in the months ahead!

For those of us with mouths to feed, children to educate, health issues to contend with and mortgages to pay, losing a job and/or not being able to immediately find one is a NIGHTMARE. With little or no savings to fall back on, being jobless in this day and age is HELL ON EARTH.

A stable, recession-proof job can be yours if you only know where to look. Working for the US government means you get highly-competitive pay with increases, health and life insurance, paid training, vacation time and a secure retirement package. You sleep blissfully at night, knowing that the US government won’t run out of business, that you won’t be downsized, and that you won’t be outsourced to someone in India.

Yes, the federal government is hiring like there’s no tomorrow. A stable present and a delightfully rewarding future is yours if you work for the government.Grab A Copy Click here

This is where the real work sets in.

Applying for a government post is not like finding a job in the private sector.The federal hiring process is unique and if you ever hope to even get your foot to the door, you have to comply with the US government’s strict hiring rules-no exceptions.

Of course, it is entirely possible for you to do your own research and still get that government job.There are websites that are available for this purpose-they are even listed on our pages. But with all the red tape and confusion, it would take twice, thrice even ten times the amount of time and energy to scour through these resources and apply them to your federal job hunt-time and energy that would be better spent applying to the government agencies of your choice.

We went through the whole deal-going through the entire process from beginning to end and figured it all out just for you. We weeded out all that was unnecessary, went through all the bureaucratic red tape and cleared out all the confusion. And with what we learned, we put together a step-by-step guide that details ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to get hired by the US government. This comprehensive resource is the FIRST and perhaps even the ONLY ONE in its field.

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