Need help paying rent this month?

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Need help paying rent this month?
i had a medical emergency come up this month which cost me approx. 0 out of pocket. i won’t go into detail but needless to say i was rather ill the past few weeks which caused me to miss several days of work (about a week altogether). i am a waitress so i get paid in tips & hourly when i am present at my job. my rent is 5 a month, and i had to spend my saved rent money on medical expenses so i can feel better/ get back to work/ etc. now it is the 12th and i don’t know what to do about rent!!!

i do not want to ask my parents for help because my mother is financially strapped as it is and my father is very reluctant/ lays on the guilt if i need help (he has also bailed me out once before for a car situation – car has since died and is no longer an expense, or i would have sold it by now for rent!)

does anyone have any ideas on what i could possibly do to get caught up and get my rent paid? i DO NOT want to take out a payday loan and please no online jobs or scams. i also live in the city… so there are no lawns to mow. 🙁

thank you!
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