“In what’s being billed as a benchmark Kansas legal victory, a non-biological lesbian mother has been granted the same parental rights as the biological mother of two children. The Associated Press reports that Kelly Goudschaal limited her ex-partner Marci Frazier’s visitations to their two children after the pair split. Meanwhile, Frazier sought to enforce a parenting agreement signed by both women when they were still together, which stated that Frazier’s “relationship with the children should be protected and promoted,” and that the pair had vowed “to jointly and equally share parental responsibility” when they were still together, according to the report.”* In a landmark Kansas State Supreme Court decision, a non-biological mother got the same parenting rights to her children, who were biologically the children of her former partner. But does the case hinge on progressive ideals, or the contract they signed before the adoption? Steve Oh (COO of The Young Turks), Jayar Jackson, and Kim Horcher (TYT Network’s Nerd Alert) discuss. Support The Young Turks by Subscribing www.youtube.com Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow Us on Twitter: www.twitter.com Buy TYT Merch: theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com
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