If you are looking for a Nurse Aide Course because you are thinking about trying out the field, then you may want to keep in mind the following guidelines first: 1) requirements and qualifications before you enroll; 2) school or institution you will go to; 3) what are the certification requirements; 4) and what are the available career moves that you can have if you pursue this field. Becoming a nurse aide can be quite stressful, but it can also be very rewarding. If you have the heart for service and helping other people, as well as looking for an avenue to start as a foundation of your medical career, then this might be the path for you. Take advantage of the 19% increase in this job’s market demand.

First to consider is the requirements: You must be physically fit which will be determined in your physical exam at the beginning of the training. You must also be at least a Grade 8 level although some schools require you to be a high school graduate with English reading proficiency. You may also be required to provide police clearance or some personal background clearance although this part may be optional for some colleges and training centers. You have to be at least sixteen years old.

The next step is to find an accredited school or community college or a certified medical facility from where you will take your Nurse Aide Course. An accredited school is best equipped to provide you with the knowledge and training that you need for you to become a competent nursing aide. A nursing assistant certification can be finished in six to twelve weeks or usually one whole semester or around 75 to 100 hours. Your course will cover basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition and essential health care, first aid including CPR, and patient care especially with the elderly. The training would cover hands on as well as theories and lecture. This may also be taken online if distance and time is quite limited.

The certification will be given to you after completing your training and after passing a comprehensive exam. Each state may have a different set of additional requirements so it would be best to ask your school. The average salary of a certified nursing assistant would be from $ 24,000 to about $ 32,000 annually. Further education and experience, can give you much more if you want.

Did you know that most registered nurses started out as nursing aides? So if you wanted a good start and plan to move towards that area, then becoming a certified nursing aide is the one for you. With need for more competent people in this field, hospitals, medical institutions, caring and nursing homes are looking for individuals that can properly do their job. Some people even ask for a personal nurse and you can work home based.  If you were able to finish from a good school offering a very good Nursing Adie Course, then your will have a great career ahead of you.

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