Nurse practitioners are specified as CRNP (Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners) after they have completed a 2-year masters’ degree program form an accredited program in Arkansas. There are a number of specialization fields in Master’s program in Nursing. You can opt for a neonatal nursing program, adult care program, family nurse program, or, an oncology nursing program. There are some other training programs also. The degrees that you will get after the completion of the 2 year program may be:-
•  DNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice) Post-Baccalaureate
•  DNP(Doctor of Nursing Practice) Post-Graduate
•  BSN-DNP in specialized field.
The basic difference between a post graduate and post-baccalaureate graduation is that you do not need any nurse practitioner specialty training before the post graduation program. Nurse practitioners can do private practice and have their own independent Clinic but for this to happen, Nurse practitioners, or, the Advanced Nurse Practitioners, have to work for at least 2 years under the supervision of a Physician. Nurse practitioners are very skilled and hedged towards their work. They have a lot of responsibilities including:-

•  Examination/ Diagnosis of Patient.
•  Providing Health Education.
•  Act as a primary care Physicians.
•  Do health assessment.
•  Refers to proper healthcare providers.
•  Illness prevention.
•  Illness management.
To support the Nurse Practitioner program in Arkansas, Arkansas Nursing Graduate Student Loan scheme has been launched. To apply for a NP program the minimum age criteria is 21 years and you must be holding a Bachelor degree in science or equivalent. You must have completed the Registered Nurse training course and must have cleared the RN certification Exam. Also, you must have a Certification provided by a National Certifying Organization. The organization must be recognized by the Arizona Board of Nursing. If you have the desire to work hard and are capable of achieving a Masters’ degree and fulfill the requirements, then you can avail the benefits of the loan scheme for the nursing graduation. Nobody can auspicate the illness but the Nurse practitioners with loads of experience can help in recovering from any illness.  The average salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Arkansas is not same everywhere. It depends on the population of that area and the competition factor also. The average salary in Fayetteville region is $ 76,229 whereas in the Little Rock region, the average salary is $ 81,180. The various universities that provide the Nursing masters’ Degree in Arkansas are:-
•  UAMS, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
•  University of Central Arkansas
•  Graceland University
•  Philadelphia University
•  South University-School of Health Profession
•  Georgetown University-School of Nursing & Health Studies
•  Spring Arbor University
•  Frontier School of Midwifery & Family Nursing.

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