Mired down in your own thoughts about your career and future?? Well, many of the American citizens are not satisfied with their jobs and still they do not secede away and keep reprimanding. Nursing is a lucrative career aspect and it is not nubile. Nurse practitioners are humble, calm and they are not vociferous and strident in nature. Nursing field is emerging just as tapioca fences, at the peak season, take root and bloom. Nurses are in great demand from a very long time. There are many career opportunities for nurse practitioners in every state of US.

Nurse Practitioners can opt for a specific specialization field in which he/she want to work. There are many fields such as adult care, family nurse, gerontology, psychiatry, and many more. Nurse practitioners learn about pharmacology, nursing theory, patient care, diagnosis and treatment of patients, behavioral science and health policies during their training course. The documents and pre-requisites for registration in Nurse Practitioner programs in Delaware are:-
•  You must be a current Registered Nurse
•  You must have clinical experience
•  Computer Hierarchy
•  You must have a CPR certification
•  Your GPA of graduation must be 3.0 or above
•  Transcripts of various college records are to be submitted
•  Interview is conducted by the admission council

As a nurse practitioner in Delaware you can expect an average salary of $ 84000 per year. But the salary is not same throughout the state. It varies on location and experience and many other factors. The median salary in the Wilmington is more than the average salary of Nurse Practitioners in the nation and is around $ 94000 per year.

The training period is from 2-3 years for NP programs. You can opt for an online as well as regular course. These operate in two shift batches- morning and evening. The certification examination cannot be ostracized from the requirement list of getting a license as a NP in Delaware. Also the license issued needs to be recertified or refurbished after a given interval of time. Every state has a Nursing Board which works by the regulations levied by AANP and ANCC council. Many colleges provide financial aid in Delaware. In 2008-2009, Wesley College of Nursing provided 100% scholarship in nursing programs in some sort of programs.
In order to become a nurse practitioner you will have to complete 34 to 46 credit hours of training depending on the school you are opting for. Here is a list of Nurse Practitioner programs in Delaware those offer RN-MSN bridging program, or, offer a masters’ degree in nursing to the enrolled students:-

•  University of Delaware, Newark, DE
•  Wesley College, Dover, DE
•  Delaware State University, Dover, DE
•  Wilmington University, New Castle, DE
•  Widener University, Wilmington, DE
•  Capella University Online
•  Drexel University Online
•  Kent State University
•  Sullivan University
•  Brandman University
•  Jacksonville University
•  Walden University Online

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