As in any job, the nursing assistant salary is driven by the elementary factors of training, experience and place of work.  Assuming one is sufficiently trained to carry out the expected duties, clocking up a healthy number of years certainly helps to beef up one’s portfolio.  Pursuing a career in this line of profession is not a dead-end job as some may think it to be.  Many a time, one accomplished in this field plays an equally important role as those in supposedly more acclaimed roles as he or she fulfills the role of helping the nursing staff in their daily busyness.  By freeing up trained nurses to focus on the more intricate duties, these aides fulfill the role as an additional pair of eyes and hands to an already overstressed workforce.


Being employed in a more prestigious establishment certainly helps to propel upwards the nursing assistant salary.  Hospitals, nursing as well as mental care facilities require this line of professionals in their employment as it is practically impossible to staff the entire place with trained nurses alone.  In addition to not being financially sustainable, there are some duties which require less medical training and can be performed by these individuals in helping the nursing staff.


Coupled with issues of aging and ailing populations, health care needs can be better catered to by introducing these trained individuals for public service.  As many prefer the comfort, convenience and cost savings of being treated at a familiar place, the nursing assistant salary also improves as demand for home care is on the increase.  These professionals either reside on site to provide dedicated care, or visit on a scheduled basis.  They are given extra allowances for home stay or travel where applicable.


By maintaining an expected level of overall sanitary condition with proper bed care, the chances of patient recovery are improved as unexpected consequences are thwarted.  Prevention is thus better than cure.


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