Home health care has become one of the fastest-growing segments of professional nursing. As insurance companies and hospitals work to lower the cost of delivering health care, they have found that providing home nursing care in tall scrubs is the financially sensible alternative to inpatient care. Patients improve fastest when they are in the familiar environment of their own homes. Moreover, home health care nursing is one of the specialties in which flexible hours are the norm – so work commitments can be easily scheduled around family and other obligations. Home health nursing involves much less in the way of paperwork and other administrative tasks than hospital nursing, which suits many nurses who prefer more human contact. Home health nurses get the chance to help adults and children of all ability levels – some lead normal lives and only need help with bathing and grooming; others with more serious medical problems might need considerable emotional and spiritual support, in addition to administering medication and changing dressings.

The average beginning yearly pay for a new RN is about $ 44,600, which is more than many careers that have comparable education and experience requirements. The Bureau of Labor Statistics puts the yearly median earning of a registered nurse in 2004 at $ 52.330. While the middle percent of registered nurses took home yearly incomes between $ 43.370 and $ 63,360, with the highest earners making more than $ 74,760. Even the lowest earner made around $ 37,200. As experience is obtained yearly incomes go up. When you factor in wages made for shift differentials and over time, most nurses make well over their base incomes. Going into management and administration can add even additional income.

Most people might think that a career in nursing is static and there is no opportunity for growth.

On the contrary, there are many opportunities for specializations, further education, and administrative positions. There is also a lot of opportunity for landau scrubs free shipping and free travel. One does not have to get stuck and work solely in the hospital. An option for advancing your nursing career is becoming a clinical nursing specialist, working in specialized fields and doing advanced work for particular conditions such as mental health or cancer.  

Medical Writer : A medical writer (or editor) writes, edits, and proofreads technical materials used for medical research, training and education, communication, sales and marketing, and others. Possible positions for this field include medical writer, medical proofreader, medical copy editor, medical researcher, medical editor, editorial assistant, and managing editor. For those nurses who have secretly dreamt of writing, this is a great opportunity to work flexible hours and combine medical knowledge and experience with writing skills. You can let your hair down and do away with your landau scrubs free shipping! Possible employers for this field include pharmaceutical companies, medical publications, general interest publications, freelance (self-employment), and not-for-profit organizations.

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