People would normally welcome the New Year with a bang and fresh plans but according to long term care news, the health care industry is stuck on the same issues.

Percentage of uninsured individuals, nursing home layoffs, repeal of CLASS Act, and funding reduction of Medicare and Medicaid will apparently be hauled dramatically into 2012. Private companies would normally churn out productivity year-end reports as the year comes to a close but the long term care (LTC) industry is doing the exact opposite as it continues its saga which involves LTC patients and care providers.

By keeping yourself up on the news about LTC you will understand the root of every issue tackled in Congress, on the streets, in health care institutions, and in everybody’s home. Having in-depth knowledge of issues that surround the LTC industry will enable you to undergo preventive measures in order to avoid getting entangled in the financial trap.

For instance, one of the important LTC issues which continue to draw in the attention of the public is the shortage of nurses in various areas of the country since the reduction in Medicaid reimbursement rates. It can be recalled that in the third quarter of this year, the federal government has implemented a cutback in Medicaid funding to nursing homes and thus resulting in the layoff of thousands of skilled nurses.

Since majority of Americans who are currently receiving care are on Medicaid, their families cannot help but be worried because if nursing homes don’t have enough nurses anymore it would be impossible for them to provide quality care to their patients.

Knowing that shall, in a way, make you realize that being too dependent on a health insurance program that is reliant on taxpayers money has more disadvantages than advantages.

Why Keep Abreast of Long Term Care News

Practically everybody watches the news in order to keep up with the latest happenings in the political arena, economy, sports world, entertainment industry, and of course LTC industry.

LTC is as, if not more, important than one’s home since a big population right now can make do with trailer life.

In fact, there are countless people working for the white-collar industry who have been living in their campers for years but continue to earn good money as they’ve never ceased working.

Now if a 70-year-old man or woman wakes up one day and realizes that she cannot get up from bed anymore, go to the bathroom, let alone prepare her own meal, she can’t just call a caregiver and ask for assistance if she is not financially capable of paying for this type of LTC service.

If you want to receive topnotch care someday, you have to be financially equipped. This is, indeed, the painful reality of life which has been exposed a long time ago by financial advisers and LTC experts so that everybody can come up with an effective LTC plan.

Medicaid and Medicare are not good options. As a matter of fact, these programs should not be on your list. Follow long term care news to gain insight into strategic LTC planning and how this can lead to financial freedom.

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