Nursing Informatics is a field that combines nursing science, with computer science and information science. The nursing informatics professional is responsible for converting patient and staff needs into computer programs for the purpose of giving higher understanding to technical support personnel for the purpose of enhancing nursing care. It has become highly relevant in todays scenario wherein, the health care has become such a complex activity and as a result making use of computer and information science technologies is necessary to care too these growing demands.

In todays world, a nursing informatics specialist has a wide range of positions open to them and they include management of nursing-related information system, writing programs that can be used to collect patient information, and training nurses to handle new computer systems.

It should be noted that nursing informatics professionals are not just people who key in data into the system they are needed to implement procedures and policies that help implement new programs. Nursing is a profession that seeks to look into the overall well-being of a patient and there are more than 200 nursing specialties and sub-specialties in the world. Nurses are responsible for the safety and recovery of ill and injured people, maintenance of patient health and also for providing treatment in the event of life-threatening emergencies in a range of health-care settings. Nursing Informatics seeks to enhance nursing further by using technology to make the process of patient care more efficient.

Their key responsibility is to create an efficient system for information handling so that data handled by a nurse as part of their daily activities is quickly stored and can be quickly retrieved when needed. At times, a patients record created in one particular location would need to be retrieved by a staff in a hospital stated elsewhere. With a firm information system in place, such a task can be carried out in just minutes and patient care can be continued in the new location with all relevant details in place. In the United States, the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) is the countrys nursing informatics organization and it is located in San Clemente, California.

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