Many people are taking advantage of the poor economic environment by enrolling in schools to improve their job prospects. This is especially true for working, single and stay at home moms. Earning a grant can lead to obtaining an important degree that can help land the perfect job for you.

One obvious area of importance is the technology industry. Digital and wireless capabilities continue to advance, and new technology is being developed constantly. There are sizable teams that are needed to produce these tools as well as people to provide assistance in using them. Computer software engineering and related fields will be increasingly needed. Analysts and administrators for IT are just a couple of the areas that are expected to grow.

Another area where there is anticipated job growth is healthcare. There are plenty of important careers besides being a doctor or nurse. Hospitals and clinics will be seeking therapists and assistants as well as athletic trainers. Addiction and behavioral counselors are also important careers. Many healthcare jobs require advanced education, but there are many opportunities available for careers that don’t.

Job growth and opportunity is lagging now, but expectations for the future are high. Computer analysts as well as research and market analysts will no doubt be sought after by businesses. One common thread among all these jobs is that you need the proper education. There are many programs available for people willing to learn, especially for moms. Moms of all kinds can benefit from the Scholarships for Moms program started by President Obama. The program is intended to make it easier for moms to obtain the $ 5,000 education award. It’s an important step in helping moms earn the degrees they need.

The education grants for moms endorsed by President Obama are a small part of helping women take care of their families. Big universities as well as 2-year junior colleges can provide plenty of opportunity for education and career advancement. The road to your future can begin now with a quality education.

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