Although the government beneath the popular Obama administration is working hard to assist working mothers to return to college many are still unsure as to what the Obama grant is truly about. There are many existing government benefits that are being given attention that in truth are just reworked federal programs such as ones which help to assist working mothers to attend college. Potential students such as working Moms are certainly taking note of the Pell grant which makes for a great benefit. It’s interesting to note that the Federal Pell grants have been in existence for many years and is regarded as one of the most common government financial aid that can be awarded for college. One has to agree that a huge benefit of the Pell grant is the lack of repayment normally required for student loans making it an attractive benefit. You may wonder who can be awarded the Pell grant? In general such aid is normally given to students who do not already have a professional degree or bachelors but seek an undergraduate degree. With such advantages it’s no wonder that the Scholarship for moms program is being paid so much attention by single, working mothers. Although there is no specific program by that name, President Obama and his administration encourage moms to attend college using the money available to them through Pell grants. The Pell grant has a further advantage besides it being a monetary gift in that it does not place restrictions when it comes to sourcing other financial aids. Aid from other federal programs as well as private, non-federal institutions can be applied to cover education costs. The award year will take place from the 1st of July 2009 to the 30th June 2010 with the maximum amount to be given through the Pell grant of $ 5,350.00. It’s unlikely that this amount will cover your full college expenses it does not restrict you from applying to other sources. With so many benefits it’s of no surprise that the federal Pell grant does not limit you once you are awarded funds to the payment of tuition. Books or a laptop as well as housing or travel are acceptable expenses if they are necessary to pay for your education. The Pell grant program and its benefits have been showcased since attention to education has been highlighted through the Obama administration making the scholarships for moms’ a must. The specifics of this federal program are very conducive for single, working mothers to become students who are earning a degree. For some college was a dream that had to be left on the side due to financial difficulties or family concerns, this is no longer so. More students are now thinking of college as an option with the Obama grant funded through the federal Pell grant program. For all working mothers this is a definite plus. If you’re a single mom working a full-time job, the current administration is encouraging you to return to college and earn a degree. The current administration is heartily cheering for single, full-time working mothers to apply for college and earn a degree. Why not make your dreams a reality?

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