Education is always an important key to a good future. Even before he became President, Barack Obama spoke about the need to make education a priority. Free money through grants and scholarships is only the beginning.

Expenses like college tuition and housing grow even as the economy suffers. Tuition and housing costs often far exceed scholarship offers. Low-income students suffer the most if they are unable to secure enough scholarship or grant money. A large number of these people are working mothers. Educating women and single moms is important to increase the workforce and help provide for children and families. The President has attempted to help by encouraging more grants for single mothers to attend school. There is no difference between Federal Pell Grants and Obama grants. The name “Obama grants” came as a result of the President’s emphasis on educating moms. In the 2009-2010 school year, students could get a grant of up to $ 5,350. This is over $ 1,000 above the previous maximum, and it’s a big help to moms who want to return to school. These grants can be used to cover many of the miscellaneous college expenses.

Single moms should also consider the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This tax credit makes a way for students to write off the first $ 4,000 of their education costs. Especially for less expensive schools, $ 4,000 could be a significant help for a student. Since many single working mothers have low incomes, these programs are a major help. There are plenty of options on where, when and what a student can study. With more incentives, more ambitious adults will realize their goal to get a college degree.

Increasing educational opportunity and performance is undoubtedly one of the President’s goals. With some changes to the lending system, many graduate and undergraduate loans will be less costly. The administration is also focusing on improving the performance of schools at all levels. The President believes community colleges need to become viable options. Community college is important to prepare students for a 4-year college but also to prepare them for a 2-year degree or technical skill.

In a 2007 speech called Reclaiming the American Dream, the President said that making college education more available is “the best investment we can make in our future.” The President’s actions are reflecting his words. Grants for moms are just a small but vital part of the education mission. If you’re a potential student who wants to make education a priority, there are many chances for you to do so.

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