Welcome to my to the point auto mass traffic review, let me tell you a little more about auto mass traffic without the unnecessarily BS and filler and whether or not it would be smart to try this auto mass traffic thing.

It really looks like the traffic is a hot topic right now in amongst the guru internet marketers and their launches are all about it nowdays, but some of those launches are complete waste of time and a few are actual value.

I bought Auto mass traffic for thisauto mass traffic review and I am now playing with their software and going through the course.

Is this Auto Mass Traffic A Waste Of Time & Money?

First of all, by the look of the sales letter these guys are claiming that their system will boost your traffic automatically by just using some fancy software, but the traffic will come without Google, the first question I had was, where is the traffic coming from and how much will it cost?

I bought Auto mass traffic today as soon as it was launched and I have dedicated all day to go over everything that I received, including some of the upsells that I bought and I am ready to give you my Objective Auto Mass Traffic review.


Here is my Honest Auto Mass Traffic Review:

First of all, if you believe that this thing is a “Magic Bullet” to get you more traffic then I am afraid this is not actually the case.

There is no such thing as completely free hoards of traffic with hands-down no work involved and this course is not exactly it either.

It will teach you how to get traffic from paid sources such as some known CPV networks, you will get traffic and make money, but you WILL pay for traffic, no one is going to let you post stuff on their sites that get a butt load of traffic for free.

Unfortunately I cannot disclose 100% what the software does and what it is, but what I will tell you, is this is not a software that you can plug in your site url and it will give you traffic for free.

Do I recommend trying Auto Mass Traffic ?

Ok, to be completely honest with you, their software is not exactly what I thought it was, their training is decent and will teach you how to use their software along with some special advertising networks to help you send more traffic to your sites, but the traffic is going to be paid for by you.

If you do not know how to get semi-cheap traffic from various sources of the net, this course will teach you what to do to get fast traffic that is somewhat targeted to help you make more money with your site, if that is the case you should give it a shot.

Their stuff will work for you if you actually follow their steps and use their software as suggested, but if you thought that their software is just:

A. Insert your website url

B. Push button

C. Get heaps of free traffic

It is not that.

This auto mass traffic is not a scam and I think it is worth a try if you have some money to spend on advertising, however, if you are flat broke and can barely afford to buy the auto mass traffic system, let alone pay for advertising to get traffic then I would give it a miss.

Instead, if you would like to achieve FREE traffic with automation I recommend trying the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint…

I follow this system religiously to get free traffic from easier sources that I do not have to pay anything for, their course is easier to follow than the auto mass traffic and they actually provide a lot more videos and tutorials to teach you how to get traffic for free.

Sooo, In conclusion of this Auto Mass traffic review, if you dont have a decent budget to spend on CPV advertising then I would recommend trying 4 day money making blueprint, as I know it is a better system and you will learn how to get free steady flow of traffic that will float your online business and help you make more profits with less expenses.

I can actually vouch for this 4 day money making blueprint, I follow it every day and it is the real deal, its not a “GURU” product that makes big claims, it is a step by step video guide that will teach you genuine and proven methods to get more traffic and of course how to monetize that traffic to make more money.

Try your 4 day money making blueprint here… It Actually works!

Be sure to watch his personal video once you are on the page, this guy is really genuine and out to help people make money online.


Thanks for reading this quick auto mass traffic review, I hope that the information in this review has actually helped you figure out if this Auto Mass traffic system will help you with your business and help you make a smart financial decision.

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