Computer engineering is in demand and at hype today. As we all are becoming the global citizens, there are many sectors that offer a good career in computer engineering.

Why is computer engineering becoming the favorite choice of any student? One of the most popular reason to opt for a career as a computer engineer is the salary of the computer engineer. Another aspect is the flair for technology. There are many challenging streams under computer engineering. Some of the streams are:
Information Technology
E- Learning
Instructional designing
The list mentioned above is sufficient enough to tell how computerization has become the integral part of our lifestyle as well as todays economy. So the computer engineers are on high demand. Broadly the computer professionals are divided as hardware engineers, software engineers.

What ever may be the scope of work such as research and development, computer aided systems, maintenance or networking etc. hardware and software engineers contribute a lot.

The most popular sector in computer engineers is Information Technology. This sector includes various tasks such as processing the information, sorting and storing the information. So there is tremendous scope for all types of computer engineers. If you are not a computer engineer but have acquired the relevant skills and upgraded your knowledge that fulfills the job requirements, then you can get equal perks as that of a computer engineer. You will find many people in various fields mentioned above, who are not computer engineers. They might have done their graduation from pure science or commerce stream. Many people who have done engineering from the streams such as mechanical, instrumentation, telecommunication etc. can excel in the field of computers.

To conclude with, computerization has become the essence of fast track life today. So the computer learned professionals and computer engineers form the integral part of the society. So computer was a favorite field, it is a favorite field and it will be favorite and demanding field years ahead.

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